BUBBLETONE Blockchain in Telecom changes the telecom industry
The first decentralized global telecom platform that allows mobile network operators and service providers
to interact securely and directly, without any complex integrations or intermediaries.

An ecosystem is being built around the platform and includes community members who are interested in increasing revenues.
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Global connectivity
without roaming charges
Quick launch
without investments,
agreements or commitments
New revenue streams
value-added services
Ready for 5G networks
direct connectivity to local mobile networks
How it works

Visited operator
Visited operator
Any mobile operator
can publish its own tariff plans
as smart contracts ("offers").
These offers are visible to all
Request for mobile
services abroad
Home operator
Smart contract ("request")
with digital identity hash
and financial transaction
Service the subscriber
directly by uploading
its own mobile profile onto
a SIM card "over-the-air”
It is enough to execute
the smart contract to
receive money and
identify a visitor
Blockchain Telecom part
Live demonstration of mobile carriers' interconnection via Blockchain.
New offers and requests are created and broadcasted in real-time mode. A new mobile profile is uploaded onto a subscriber’s SIM card.
User’s Interface part
A brief demonstration how subscribers can be connected with local rates and LTE quality around the world.
Use cases
Increase your revenue
with Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom

The Bubbletone team is developing a private blockchain for the telecom industry. The opportunities that this technology opens for mobile operators and service providers are presented via 14 use cases. TeleChain Broker, a joint solution by Bubbletone and Nexign, is one of them.

TeleChain (Telecom Blockchain) Broker is a blockchain-based marketplace for digital service providers (DSPs) with a BSS connectivity kit that provides the opportunity to create new roaming products and complex bundles, including digital non-telco services.

The diagram shows how participants interact with each other by publishing requests and offers on the marketplace.
Blockchain network diagram for TeleChain Broker
Global Coverage with Local Rates for Subscribers is a blockchain-based marketplace for mobile operators, including those who do not have roaming agreements, and service providers. Participants interact with each other by publishing requests and offers on the marketplace. The operators use multi-account SIM cards and distribute them among their subscribers. These cards allow subscribers to upload local mobile profiles over-the-air, i.e. via special encrypted binary SMS messages or the data channel using an SMPD platform (eSIM standard). Thus, while travelling, subscribers can purchase service packages at the rates of local operators and use their existing SIM card all over the globe.
The diagram shows how this use case works.
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As a member of various international telecom organizations, we actively participate in pioneering innovative technologies and progressing the development of international standards for them in the telecom industry.
The BubbleTone Messenger
Bubbletone is a new generation messenger with a number of useful features. Customized for the needs of mobile operators, the messenger provides additional revenue streams on voice calls and SMS messages from the app and other telecom services.
Global Mobile Data Exchange with local tariffs in 80 countries, including Europe, Nothern America, Asia, Australia, Middle East and South Africa
Our team
With 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, our team has a deep understanding of the major issues that mobile operators face, and of ways how the industry can develop beyond what it is today. This allows us to build innovative products for mobile operators. Our development team has been successfully solving technical problems and implementing various projects for several telecom companies. Among the developed solutions are billing applications, an intelligent network, a VOIP software switch, an SMS SMPP server, traffic routing solutions, anti-fraud solutions, network and data security solutions, access servers, and others.
Yury Morozov
CEO, founder of 4 active telecom companies
Sergei Ivanov
CEO of "Allo Incognito" (mobile virtual network operator)
Sergey Malcev
Sergey Baloyan
Julia Shabunina
PR Director
Alexander Yakovenko
Project Manager
Michael Nazarenko
Lead security and fault tolerance developer
Jesus Ramirez Mercado
Carrier Relations in European and LatAm regions
Sergey Lepenkov
Development of payment services and high-load applications in the telecommunication field
Varun Reddy
Investor Relations, Telecom Marketing in Asian region
Alexander Artemiev
Bubbletone messenger architecture development, integration with mobile carriers
Jackov Mayurov
Bubbletone messenger project manager
Oleg Vintovkin
Development of IT project Yandex Telephony; development BSS & OSS for mobile carriers
Mir Monsoor Hossain
Senior software developer
Khandaker Raihan Hossain
Senior software developer
Md. Shafiqul Islam
Front-end software developer
Md Maniruzzaman
Back-end software developer
Momi Monjil Ara
Senior software developer
Mariana Bugaeva
Head of design group
Ajmat Iqbal
Bubbletone messenger software development leader
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